Paris, April 19, 2023- Intalio, a global leader in Intelligent Information Management solutions, is proud to announce the acquisition of Jiway, a renowned software editor with headquarters in Luxembourg that specializes in reporting, process automation, and customer relationship solutions, catering specifically to the financial industry.

This acquisition is totally in line with Intalio’s growth and expansion strategy. It allows Intalio to enhance its portfolio with industry-specific solutions, integrate a talented team of professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the financial industry, and expand its presence in Luxembourg and Switzerland, the hearts of the European financial sector.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jiway into the Intalio family. Their expertise in the financial sector is an invaluable asset that will certainly help us strengthen our position as a leading provider of Intelligent Information Management solutions. As a global provider of business solutions, Intalio will continue to seek acquisition opportunities not only in Europe but also across all four continents where we operate,” said Antoine HRAOUI, CEO of Intalio.

Luc CHARLIER, CEO of Jiway, explained that “Intalio will enable Jiway to cover larger geographies, offer a broader product line, and reach more industries. Intalio’s great expertise in document management, business process automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence complements and strengthens our current range of solutions.”


About Jiway S.A.

Jiway is a leading software provider in Luxembourg that provides top-quality client reporting solutions. It specializes in developing an advanced and customizable information exchange platform for financial organizations. Jiway holds the ESR and CSR labels, making it among the first network of ESR professionals in Luxembourg.


About Intalio

Intalio, a worldwide frontrunner in Intelligent Information Management solutions, is committed to helping organizations across diverse sectors unlock the true power of their data. With an extensive array of services, Intalio provides state-of-the-art solutions in Enterprise Content Management, Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, empowering clients to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and make informed decisions that fuel growth and success in a constantly transforming digital world.