Jiway, Software Editor

Jiway is a business based on the proven expertise and innovation of its founders…

Building on their experience in a leading software company in Luxembourg and convinced that a great opportunity existed in top quality client reporting solutions, Luc Charlier and three co-founding partners etablished Jiway, in December 2003.

Starting with the well-designed reports required by ever-more demanding investor clients, Jiway has constantly moved forward to adapt to evolving market needs as well as responding to a growing demand from financial and other organizations.

The impact of digitization coupled with the increased need to access information from anywhere at any time, meant it became natural for Jiway to build on its expertise and develop an advanced, customizable information exchange platform.

Our Directors

Luc Charlier
Luc CharlierCEO & Founder

Luc has a degree in Computer Science and Management. In 1985, he joined BIS Banking Systems in Luxembourg, working for some eleven years as a technical & functional consultant on the Midas front & back-office solution.

In 1996, as the private banking sector developed and convinced that a “niche” market existed in providing top quality Client Reporting, he created Odyssey Advanced Financial Solutions where he spent several years as a director working on the development and sales of the Mirage suite.

In December 2003 he assembled a team to launch a new company – Jiway. As Executive Director, Luc is responsible for strategy and solutions, business development and the day to day management of the company.

Christian Heinrichs
Christian HeinrichsCTO & Partner

Christian graduated as “Technician in Applied Electronics” at the ISET (Institut Supérieur d’Enseignement Technologique) in Liège, Belgium. After training in AS/400 RPG IV at IBM, he began his career as a programmer analyst for the product Mirage at Odyssey Advanced Financial Solutions.

Over the next six years he gained considerable technical and business experience working with a series of banks in: Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Stockholm and Geneva. In December 2003, he then joined with Luc, René and Sebastien to found Jiway.

His role as CTO means that he is closely involved in all aspects of the development, implementation and support of Jiway’s solutions. He provides technical expertise across the company as well as continuing to undertake consultancy assignments with clients.

Sébastien Petit
Sébastien PetitHead of Business Solutions (as/400) & Partner

Sebastien trained as an engineer at the «Institut Supérieur Industriel de la Communauté Française» in Arlon, Belgium and began his career as a teacher. He taught mechanics and electronics for 3 years.

In March 1998 he decided to change his career direction and joined Odyssey as a Senior Consultant. Focussing his efforts on the Mirage product, he gained significant development experience and expertise in AS400 systems.

In 2003, he joined Luc, Christian and René to found Jiway. He now leads the development of the ImPressio solution (one of the first document solutions developed by Jiway), and also acts as a Senior Consultant advising its customers on technical and business applications.

René Heinrichs
René HeinrichsSenior Consultant & Partner

René is an engineer. First he worked as site supervisor in a Belgian construction company. Then he turned his career towards IT. He wrote the “Mirage” suite software with Luc.

In 1996, he founded with some colleagues the company Odyssey in which he worked as Operations Director.

In December 2003, he joined three colleagues to found Jiway. As Senior Consultant, he worked closed with customers as responsible of implementation in important projects.