In the context of the responsible business promotion by the INDR, Jiway has received the CSR label. Indeed, Jiway places its CSR policy at the heart of its development strategy and continues its course of digitalization. For more than 15 years, Jiway has been developing software and application solutions for digitization and supporting its clients in their digital transformation.

« It is therefore nothing new for us to place these environmental and social issues at the very heart of our business model », says Luc Charlier.

The objectives are multiple. It is first and foremost a question of committing to an environmentally responsible approach. The evolution of the MozaIK solution is proof of this: the solution which have been developed almost 20 years ago for the publication of « beautiful financial reports » has become a collaborative digital platform, allowing interaction between all stakeholders of an organization, the centralization of all data relating to this organization and the digitization of documents related to the company’s business life.

The second issue is to offer its customers a solution allowing them a new organization of work, not only in favor of sustainable development but also for individuals and for enhancing their user experience. The aim is to provide them with an optimization of their work time.

Furthermore, Jiway has established an internal policy on whose behalf a charter has been drawn up, presenting employees with 8 business ethics principles that everyone is committed to respecting.

Jiway is really proud to belong to the first network of CSR professionals in Luxembourg.

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