MozaIK 2020

An information exchange platform

Cloud or local hosting

Use modern business solutions based on innovative technologies !

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Documents and reporting

Authoring & Distribution

Create, duplicate, deliver and archive in a secured environment
all documents exchanged with customers and internally.

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Business Relationship Management

Enterprise Repository

For a better customer experience

Refine the management of the whole customer life cycle, conduct marketing campaigns
to find new clients more easily and offer personalized and strong services to your customers !

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Building on over 70 years of combined customer experience Jiway developed MozaIKan innovative software suite dedicated to client-facing financial institutions and companies.

MozaIK, an integrated web platform for the Relationship Manager

Jiway is the specialist of full web front-office solutions helping you to better serve your customers. Building, creating and distributing customer documents and reports, it further supports the proactive management of client relationships and enhances your marketing strategy.