For many companies, the global health crisis has led to a sharp drop in business. COVID-19 pandemic is of course the leading risk to economic growth. At Jiway, we had to face some challenges to avoid impacting the business too abruptly.

Innovation was even more important than usual. During the COVID-19 period, Jiway has implemented a new module of its MozaIK application suite for one of its clients: a Core Banking System, available for human-sized banks. Innovation is indeed one of the main issues that had to be raised to meet the challenge set by the global pandemic.

In addition, and as for many economic players, a reorganization of work was obviously also necessary: teleworking, new collaborative tools, new management methods. Jiway still has the same habits today.

“We also wanted to moove our offices,” explains Luc Charlier, CEO of Jiway. “Most of our team is Belgian, so we moved closer to the border, to Windhof, and have offices in the SolarWind building, a real example to follow in terms of eco-responsible buildings in Luxembourg”. This complicated period also revealed important environmental issues. In this context, and always with a view to improving, adapting and reorganizing its business, Jiway obtained the ESR label in 2021. On the strength of these various successes and despite a general drop in activity, Jiway has been able to reinvent itself and meet these challenges.