Jiway has officially launched last 23rd May with its clients and partners, the new version of its MozaIK solution. Several variants of the application are already implemented for a long time in different Private Banks, in the traditional telephone operator of Grand-Duchy and in Total Luxembourg – among many others.

Forced into silence by the confidentiality of its developments, its teams work every day for the implementation of the solution for many Luxemburgish and international key players.

Jiway didn’t wait the enthusiasm that we know today about digitization for supporting its client’s digital transformation. Jiway has become highly specialised in the documents dematerialization; historically in the financial reporting and now in the general document mass production for companies coming from different business sectors.

Jiway has entirely redesigned its application in order to meet client requests and market needs. A UI/UX expert has rethought the platform for enhancing the User Experience. Beyond a simple B2B web application, Jiway has created a real « B2B2C » ecosystem: users can then share their information with all their business shareholders. Thus, the environment is opened to a second level of use. This greatly increases the exchange of information and data centralization in an ultra-secured environment, thanks to LuxTrust solutions, a European trust service provider and the first partner of Jiway in Europe.

The platform is now available from any device, at any time.

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