From data acquisition to mass production process

The document management is in the DNA of Jiway. Starting with well-designed reports required by ever-more demanding investor clients, Jiway extends the MozaIK solution with a complete documentary suite. The solution optimizes the whole document chain, from the data acquisition in any format to the mass production process.

On the one hand, MozaIK allows the creation of multilingual document templates thanks to OMS Designer which is the graphical tool to design and compose document templates for reports, contracts, or any other document useful for your business.

On the other hand, the solution provides customers with multi-channel publishing wire, powerful production activities workflows and final legal archiving.

As MozaIK fits with load balancing concept, the MozaIK multi-threaded architecture helps optimize the speed of execution of services provided. This increases drastically performances in order to support the « Document Factory » on a very large scale.