Business relationship & marketing data management


Dedicated to customer relationship data management and strategic marketing, MozaIK CRM is more than a tool. It is the Relationship Manager’s ideal partner, checklist and teammate.

“Knowing your Customer” requires you to go beyond basic customer data and to refine the knowledge of your clients and manage their profile.



CRM Module

More flexible relation’s models



More than a simple CRM system, this tool allows the management of the entire sales cycle:

    • management of business opportunities, acquisition of new customers, planning of tasks, analysis of sales, generation of proposals, management of client logbook, repository of customer reports, etc.

MozaIK CRM further helps you in the automation of marketing tasks, such as assistance in the organization and the monitoring of campaigns and events.


KYC and profiling

KYC or « Know your Customer » is a set of tools grouped under a concept that allows to « Know Your Customer » thoroughly, covering investment/risk profile, tax status, habits, lifestyles, expectations, etc.

Roles and relations

The management system identifies the different types of participants associated with a customer, via the definition of several categories:

  • Legal links or relationships between the customer root and account holders, beneficial owners, signatories, mandatories, directors, officers, etc.,
  • Relationship between different account roots (parents / children),
  • Private links or relationships between participants of different account structures: sister, brother, sister-in-law, son, cousin, friend, etc.

The KYC module ensures standardization of basic procedures within an organization. Account openings and data collection can be carried out fluidly, easily and effectively. While ensuring compliance with the laws in force, the KYC module improves the functions of acquiring new customers and reduces operating costs through automated and standardized processes.

MozaIK CRM proposes the introduction of an additional level of KYC information to further refine the knowledge of the client, by creating dynamic forms (drag and drop tool). The flexibility of the tool can thus be adapted to different profiling systems and to all types of regulations worldwide.

• Client Profiling

Just like behavioral analysis, profiling can accurately determine the business type of a customer thanks to its investment/risk profile.

Through a friendly interface and simplified operating procedures, it is possible to encode and easily access all customer data in accordance with predefined access rights. The profile of a customer is further determined by his/her hobbies, personal preferences, affinity, etc. to help maximize and optimize customer knowledge to then better meet their expectations.

• Secured web platform

The web platform MozaIK, which is the KYC access point, has been developed accordingly to prevailing regulations (consumer protection, security of confidential data, banking security …), and follows the evolution of the main market requirements (IQ, MiFID, FATCA, CRS, etc.).

MozaIK CRM introduces the concept of streams monitoring, through graph views of the activity for example. The tool is also equipped with a system of audit and traceability that guarantees the transparency at several steps of the procedure.


Sales process automation

Managing a customer portfolio is a matter of reliability, precision and flexibility. You must be able to bounce on an event, on the news. You must be proactive and follow up records day after day.

Core CRM

MozaIK CRM is a flexible and multi-input tool for creating, defining and managing clients and prospects alike:

  • Dynamic management of root types (corporates, banks, insurance …),
  • Precise definition of natural and legal persons as participants who have a role to play in an account structure,
  • Leads management (profiles, details, description of expected business flows,…),
  • Business relationship follow-up  (contact history, client visits, minutes of meetings, notes…),
  • Management of contact points : Telephone, mobile phone, prefered place of meeting, primary or second residence, postal address, fiscal address, etc.,
  • Management of the relationships and roles of stakeholders.
Planning and tasks

MozaIK helps you to schedule and update your agenda completed by a system of alerts and notifications.The tasks, whether single or recurrent, are included in organizational flow equipped with a decision engine. They are precisely defined and assigned to users. They can be connected to a client journal and used for the organization of marketing events.

MozaIK automatically synchronizes tasks and calendar with (e-mail services) messaging systems such as Outlook or other third party software. The user can activate notifications via e-mail, for instance receive automatic reminders on each anniversary date of a customer or when a passport is about to expire. Once a task is completed, its status is changed with an optional automatic display or a note to the different users via the web portal.

Beyond a simple CRM system, MozaIK CRM allows the management of the entire sales cycle related to a customer/prospect, whether on  board or not yet signed:

  • Management of business opportunities and generation of proposals,
  • Acquisition of new customers,
  • Follow-up of actions  and management of client logbook,
  • Analysis of sales and expected earnings, status reporting,
  • Encoding call reports,
  • Organization and management of events, preparation of mass mailings.
Prospect Management

A powerful search engine allows you to quickly find a root client, a natural person, a moral entity or contact point. From there, it is possible to navigate and retrieve relevant information. Several search screens can be viewed simultaneously to facilitate the research.


Marketing automation

The MozaIK front-office suite facilitates the automation of marketing tasks, such as assisting in the organization and the monitoring of campaigns and events.

With profiles classified as standard models the powerful database allows multi-criteria search to retrieve and sort contacts. This way you can thus develop targeted marketing campaigns and assess their impact in terms of new customers, additional leads, converted sales, etc.

The module helps to manage the planning and the allocation of tasks related to an event (correspondence, mailings, tracking of responses …) and is a valuable support to follow up post-event information such as the participation rate, the analysis of the satisfaction or the ‘thank you’ cards, for instance.

Using information about lifestyles and centers of interest, it is possible to perform accurate searches within the customer database. MozaIK CRM identifies and extracts the core target public for a dedicated marketing event: a wine tasting with a renown sommelier, a golf tournament or a car driving experience on a famous circuit!