Business Relationship Management

Dedicated to customer relationship data management and strategic marketing, MozaIK is more than a tool. It is the Relationship Manager’s ideal partner, checklist and teammate.

The concept of “KYC” now extends to almost every industry. “Knowing your Customer” requires you to go beyond basic customer data and to refine the knowledge of your clients. The profile of a customer is determined by his/her hobbies, personal preferences, affinity, etc. to help maximize and optimize customer knowledge to then better meet their expectations.

MozaIK allows the management of the entire sales cycle: management of business opportunities, acquisition of new customers, planning of tasks, analysis of sales, generation of proposals, management of client logbook, repository of customer reports and other essential steps for setting up a qualified customer journey.

More than a simple CRM system, the application allows you, as well as customer data, to integrate information about all kind of stakeholders (providers, partners, third-parties, etc.).

Functionalities such as the journal of events or the alert notifications offer you a better way to manage any inescapable event. Remember a client visit, prepare a board meeting or a contract to be signed is available in your personal space? Receive immediately a warning! Some alerts are also very useful in case of monitoring of suspected fraudulent or illegal activities!

Through a friendly interface and simplified operating procedures, get access to all information you need for managing your business relationship.