MozaIK is a modular solution that meets the business needs of front-end users.

Based on a powerful technical layer, MozaIK covers broad functional requirements, including:

  • Authoring & Documentary Suite (MozaIK OMS)

  • Relationship & Marketing Management Suite (MozaIK CRM)

The solution is designed to be fully compatible with all kinds of core IT systems and applications; it is multi-platform, multi-application, multi-media offering the full flexibility you need.

The Front-End solution MozaIK, is fully integrated. Its wide array of modules helps to optimize authoring and documentary management and to enhance customer relationships.

MozaIK natively manages compliance rules, confidentiality issues and legal constraints.

OPT for a suite of proven solutions that fits perfectly into your business!
MozaIK is an evolving solution that is further enriched every day through add-ons and features according to customer demand.
MozaIK simplifies the user’s job and provides reminders, notifications, post-it and synchronization via e-mail. Some alerts are useful in case of monitoring of suspected fraudulent or illegal activities!