Technological Partnerships


Jiway has built strategic partnerships with complementary solutions providers, in order to easily integrate MozaIK with other existing solutions.

These partnerships involve on the one hand back-office systems (such as core banking, core insurance, ERP, etc.) and specialized software (PMS, risk management tools, etc.) on the other hand. If required, Jiway can commit on the operational maintenance of standard connectors. Thanks to Single Sign-On (SSO) or Single Customer View (available via the MozaIK suite) kind of features, the end user can work with third-party solutions seamlessly.

Furthermore Jiway has built a strong network of consulting partners all around the world to provide its clients with state-of-the-art practices, business knowledge, and local and tailored support for their projects. Some partners bring a technical expertise (advanced authentication, OCR, document writing automation, etc.) that can complement and enrich our product offering.

Being business process outsourcers, SME management facilitators or specialized software editors, our partners have been trained to Jiway’s solutions. They apply your industry’s best practices, support you during the change management stage and offer you their expertise on topics like the latest changes in regulation for example.

Finally Jiway is open to commercial partnerships, particularly in territories or technical areas where its solutions can easily plug in or be part of a larger package.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email for more information about our partners or if you want to become one of our official partners.


Our Partners