Jiway has adapted its MozaIK application to the particular needs of Logistics, a sector having strong requirements in terms of dispatching, resources allocation and delivery.

You need to improve your client-documentation, control your supply chain without wasting your time? MozaIK supports every  department (customers, dispatching, accounting services and production) of your business in order to help you to reduce your costs and operational risks.

The solution also allows you to offer value-added services to your clients with customizable dashboards and you could set different Document Workflows or Business Process Automation in order to ease your process.

Key features dedicated to your business:
  • Powerful tool for creating documents such as contracts, subscriptions, invoices,etc., under your corporate logo,
  • Business Process Automation
  • Customizable dashboards with dynamic widgets 
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Dispatch feature
  • Secured and dynamic dataroom and archiving
Real-life examples:
  • Information flow via SMS for a residential fuel delivery service, from truck dispatching to delivery to customer feedback