Jiway has adapted its MozaIK software suite to the particular needs of sectors having a strong interaction with their customers, such as telecommunications, energy or local SME’s.

When dealing with a large customer base the ability to automate and distribute large volumes of documents built around your corporate brand is vital.
The MozaIK software suite supports the customisation of documents and automate their production for distribution in real time or in batch mode via diverse channels. From the generation of templates (documents and reporting), to the archiving via multi-channel distribution (email, letters, etc.), our solution allows you to create a reliable data center within your organization.

Moreover a powerful customer relationship management software allows you to receive updated information in real-time and easily generate targeted marketing campaigns, using advanced research and multi-criteria selection.


Discover the key features dedicated to your business :
  • Powerful tool for creating documents such as contracts, subscriptions, invoices,etc., under your corporate logo,
  • Large volume distribution via various channels, on the fly or in batch mode,
  • Core customer relationship tool, adapted to the specificities of your business,
  • Management of marketing campaigns,
  • Secured Infocentre and archiving.
Some real-life examples :
  • Design and generation of invoices in five languages for a telecoms operator, covering phone and hardware services for both residential and corporate customers,
  • Information flow via SMS for a residential fuel delivery service, from truck dispatching to delivery to customer feedback,
  • Production of subscription contracts at point of sale for a telecoms operator,
  • Fiduciary – management of receivables accounts.