Reporting Flows Optimization


Increased demands in terms of customization of client reporting makes the retrieval and processing of data, from heterogeneous sources, increasingly complex in growing or even more specialized organizations.

Many companies are looking for tools able to bring together these multiple parameters and to automatically process the whole cycle of the reporting flow from a unique user interface.

In this context, the implementation of a comprehensive and powerful ‘information center’ – Infocenter – (for Content Management also called “Enterprise Content Management”) is relevant for the centralization and the rationalization of all client related information. It ensures efficiency and stability. A secured Infocenter must be able to manage all types of documents:

    • Financial documents as Portfolio valuation, Statement of account, Transaction advices, Corporate Action letter, etc
    • Legal documents as Account opening contract, General conditions, MiFID declaration, Internet agreement, QI-FATCA US status, Best Execution Policy, etc
    • Correspondence exchanged as Word & PDF documents, Excel sheet, PowerPoint, etc.


MozaIK OMS invariably manages, in batch and interactive mode, both:


    • the data collection, template creation, distribution workflow and archiving of all types of documents, and
    • the intelligent processing of input data from various sources, supported by integrity and completeness controls.

The solution is a powerful and intuitive templates creator, a storage tool allowing the use of a number of prototypes in line with your corporate identity. Any document is stored in a retention area with multi-destination, multi-frequency, multi-language and multi-channel workflow capabilities.

MozaIK OMS can absorb and generate any document type, regardless of the format (PDF, PostScript, PCL, xls, flat file, spoolfile, etc.)