Why Us?

Over 20 years of expertise led to the continuous development of a platform composed of cross and common modules equipped with business features offered by our native solutions, a Reporting Solution and Business Relationship Management  solution.

Built as an “integrated” solution, the MozaIK front-end suite fits naturally in the environment of its clients/users, at different levels:

    • its single, secured point of entry facilitates access to all modules of the MozaIK suite,

    • Its real time dashboard displays the most pertinent data according to user’s profile, preferences and expectations,

    • Its open and flexible approach allows the organisation to master and adapt the content of the dashboards providing secured access to their clients (B2B2C)

    • its numerous standard XML interfaces can be combined to any core IT system as well as to specialized and complementary tools,

    • its independent database and operating system facilitate connection to third-party repositories,

    • its proven modules allow for the customization of workflows and the proper set up of business processes.


As a fully integrated front-office solution it provides users with :

    • undeniable working comfort,

    • a free flow of information reinforcing work processes and teamwork,

    • close collaboration between CRM and Document Management as a tremendous and inescapable asset,

    • a drastic reduction of the risk of error caused by the multiplication of systems that are not connected,

    • guaranteed security and data integrity.