A collaborative web platform « Made in Luxembourg »

As a gift for its 15 years, Jiway has obtained the label « Made in Luxembourg » for its solution MozaIK.

« The label « Made in Luxembourg » consists of a name and a logo. It is a brand initiated in 1984 by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts », they say. For the Luxembourg software editor, it mainly aims at displaying the origin of its know-how and strengthening its credibility with its Luxembourgish and international clients.

« Our customers and partners will say that it’s only the icing on the cake. They already know us and our reputation. Luxembourg has been for many years a pool of talents, particularly in the banking sector. Our team of consultants is among the best from a technical and functional point of view. We are very proud to certify the origin of our business solution design », says Luc Charlier, Managing Partner and Executive Director of Jiway.

The company still lives to the rhythm of a startup: Jiway capitalizes on its strengths while reinventing itself. This is how MozaIK, as a « Made in Luxembourg » solution, continues to evolve and has become an information exchange platform integrating all interactive features needed for a better business management.

The label also highlights the importance Jiway places on the development of multilingual solutions. Thus, MozaIK is fully configurable in Luxembourgish or in any other language required by the customer.